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Truck-mounted Crane

Truck-mounted crane, the full name of truck-mounted lifting transport vehicle, is a kind of equipment that realizes the lifting, turning and lifting of goods through a hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. It is usually installed on a truck.  To put it simply: a truck-mounted crane is a multi-functional special vehicle that integrates hoisting and transportation.  It generally consists of a truck chassis, cargo compartment, power take-off, and crane.Nowadays, truck-mounted cranes are used in a wide range of applications, and we can see them in many places, such as on building construction sites, when moving things in steel plants, and so on.  Let's explain it in unison. Truck-mounted crane is a kind of lifting machinery that is widely used in construction sites, ports or power companies.

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The TG-500E truck-mounted crane incorporates advanced technology and Tadano's extensive on-the-job know-how to outperform any crane in its class. Both strong and flexible, the TG-500E is tough enough for big jobs, while versatile enough to handle jobs in constricted and irregularly shaped work areas.
Electrical proportional joystick: quick reaction in 5ms, providing smooth operation of start and stop Joystick stroke can be adjusted from 0%-100% such that the loading can be as precise as mm level. Smart flow distribution system, which is initial of flow shunt and confluence method and improved inching motions.
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