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Crawler excavator

The crawler excavator is a heavy-duty engineering machinery equipment widely used in construction, mining, civil engineering and other fields.  It uses crawler tracks as its mobile device, has good passing ability and stability, and can adapt to various terrains and working conditions.The crawler excavator is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in the field of engineering construction.  It has powerful excavation capabilities and flexible operating performance, and is suitable for excavation operations under various soil and geological conditions.The crawler excavators can be used in earth excavation, foundation construction, road construction, mining and other engineering projects. It can dig deep tunnels or trenches, clear debris and obstacles, and perform soil leveling and compaction operations.The equipment can also be equipped with various accessories, such as grabs, breaker hammers and pliers, to meet different engineering needs.  Its design and operation are simple and easy to learn, which can improve construction efficiency and reduce labor intensity.In addition, crawler excavators also have good maneuverability and stability.  It can work in a variety of terrain and environmental conditions, including rugged mountains, wetlands and swamps.  At the same time, its track design allows it to be disassembled and transported, making it easy to quickly transfer between different construction sites.

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The DX300 is a 30 -ton large excavator of Doushan DX series. It is an upgraded product of the DH290 series. Customers generally reflect the price ratio.
1. More mature Doushan DL06 engine; 2. More powerful operating performance; 3. Increased fuel efficiency to reach 15%; 4. First -class quality and convenient configuration.
Komatsu PC200-8 excavator is a machine and equipment based on the COMMON RAIL fuel injection system.
Kosamatsu PC210-8 excavator is a excavator produced in Komatsu Group, Japan. The fighting capacity is 0.94m³, and the work weight of the whole machine is 20100-20550 kg.
Komatsu PC450 excavators use large-scale heavy operating specifications to meet users' requirements for large operating volume. The variable distance design makes the equipment more stable, and the new engine provides excellent power output and fuel economy.
PC1250-8-hydraulic excavator-engineering · mining machinery, with strong excavation and huge bucket capacity
Sany Heavy Industry's SY215C medium-sized hydraulic excavator adopts a custom-developed world-class engine and hydraulic system, as well as industry-leading AOCT self-optimizing control technology, achieving fuel savings of 7-15% and achieving maximum productivity with the lowest fuel consumption.
No casing, deep hole drilling with mud wall protection, or drilling with casing and pipe installed with power head or hydraulic pipe shaker.If drilling with Kjeldahl drill pipes, the BG Special series drilling rigs are our solution. The special series of rotary drilling rigs are particularly suitable for drilling with Kjeldahl drilling rigs but not for other purposes and perform perfectly.
Caterpillar' s new generation CAT® 330 hydraulic excavator has obvious advantages in performance, fuel consumption, operating range, safety, operating environment, maintenance and environmental protection. It is an efficient, reliable and advanced excavator.
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