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Trucks, generally called trucks or trucks, include dump trucks, tractor-trailer trucks, off-highway and roadless area off-road trucks and various vehicles manufactured for special needs.  Refers to a car mainly used to transport goods, sometimes also refers to a car that can tow other vehicles, and belongs to the category of commercial vehicles.  Generally, it can be divided into heavy-duty and light-duty according to the weight of the vehicle.  Most trucks are powered by diesel engines, but some light trucks use gasoline, LPG or natural gas.

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The Scania truck has completely got rid of the image of the traditional truck Fang Fang, ashamed, and exuding the breath of the times. Scania has a variety of different specifications to choose from. Due to the use of standardized and modular design ideas, the operations of various cab are extremely simple, which not only reduces costs, but also helps make corresponding adjustments according to market demand. The gill -shaped diversion holes located on both sides of the front of the car not only beautify the appearance, but more importantly, it can guide the front airflow under the door handle of the two sides. Keep the door clean.
HOWO DUMP TRUCK have the powerful engine and large torque transmission,with good quality and best price.It is a partner on your career.Mainly used for transportino loosen stuff in bulk (such as sand, soil, minerals, etc.), or integrated stuff, mainly in mining, construction sites and so on.
Sinotruk Howo 336hp Tractor truck is famous for tough,strong, reliable and low operation cost, Howo tractor head truck has earned a great reputation in the field of long-distance transportation in both China domestic market and overseas market.
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Under the direction of our long-term enterprise faith of  "Quality and Reputation come First ", we believe we can reach the win-win status with our clients.
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