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Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane is generally expressed as QUY in China.  However, in order to keep in line with international standards, SANY's cranes use English naming rules. Its crawler crane is codenamed SCC (the English initials of SANY Crawler Crane).  The main features of the crawler crane are: its driving cab and lifting control room are combined into one, large ground area, low average pressure on the ground, good stability, and can operate on soft and muddy ground; high traction coefficient, good climbing ability.The slope is large and can be driven on rugged sites; however, the crawler crane travels slowly and damages the road surface during the driving process. Therefore, it needs to be transported by a flatbed trailer during transfer operations.With its performance, productivity and comfort features for operators, operators can work efficiently for longer periods of time with less fatigue.

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SCC3200A-1 is the newly developed 320-ton crane crane to reconstruct the business division according to market demand and comparison with competitive products. Significantly improved.
The SCC1000A-6 crawler crane is based on the SCC900A and SCC1000A export models. It is a high-cost product derived. It is widely used in building foundation, factory steel structure, subway steel cage, bridge hanging, pipeline lifting and other construction conditions.
Sany Reset the 2020 A6 series 85 -ton -level main sales ace model. The comprehensive performance of transportation performance, operating comfort, control, and rotation performance has been further improved.
Sany Heavy Industry is a well -known construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China. Its crane crane is a mechanical equipment for hanging and handling heavy objects.
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