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Hydraulic Vibro Hammer

The Hydraulic Vibro Hammer technology is to generate up and down vibration through the relative movement of two eccentric gears, which separates the object being acted upon from the surrounding soil layer, reduces frictional resistance, and achieves the purpose of sinking and pulling out. It has the characteristics of strong pouring force, good pile sinking quality, durability, few faults, easy use, strong power supply adaptability, and low noise.  The vibrating hammer is a kind of inertial vibrating hammer. It can be widely used in different soil types. Its main function is piling. When matched with the pile frame, it can sink concrete cast-in-place piles, concrete expanded piles (garlic head piles), lime piles, sand piles, and gravel piles; when equipped with a pile clamp, it can sink and pull out concrete prefabricated piles and various steel piles. It is a common equipment used in infrastructure construction such as highways, bridges, airports, and buildings. In addition, the vibrating pile hammer can also be used as a piling machine for vibrating immersed pipe pile machines, plate inserting machines and other machines.

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