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Road Rollers

The road roller is a type of equipment used for road construction. Road rollers belong to the category of road equipment in construction machinery, and are widely used for filling and compaction operations in large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, sports fields, etc. They can compact sandy, semi cohesive and cohesive soils, roadbed stabilized soils, and asphalt concrete pavement layers. The roller is suitable for various compaction operations due to the gravity of the machinery itself, causing permanent deformation and compaction of the compacted layer. Road rollers are divided into two categories: steel wheel type and tire type.The main uses of road rollers include road compaction, soil compaction, road repair, bulldozing and landfilling, etc.In short, the road roller is an indispensable construction machinery and equipment in road construction.

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In general, the Wirtgen W2000 milling machine is a high-performance, efficient and reliable milling equipment suitable for various road repair and construction works.
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