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The cranes are an industrial process for transporting mechanical equipment or other objects from one place to another. Most lifting machinery starts a vertical or vertical and horizontal working stroke after the spreader retrieves materials. After arriving at the destination, it is unloaded, and then empty travels to the picking location to complete a working cycle, and then carries out the second lifting. Generally speaking, when the lifting machinery is working, material picking, transportation and unloading are carried out in sequence, and the work of each corresponding mechanism is intermittent.  Hoisting machinery is mainly used to transport items. When equipped with a grab bucket, it can transport bulk materials such as coal, ore, and grain. When equipped with a bucket, it can lift liquid materials such as molten steel.  Some lifting equipment such as elevators can also be used to carry people. In some use cases, lifting equipment is also the main operating machinery. For example, cranes used for loading and unloading materials in ports and stations are the main operating machinery.

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Zhonglian Heavy Section ZTC250A-1 car crane single rope single rope maximum speed of 130m/min, can complete the lifting arm in about 30 seconds, the completely extension of the lifting arm is only 74 seconds, and the rotating speed can reach 2.8 weeks per minute.
After our continuous innovation, the new generation of QY160 full -ground heavy aircraft leaders leading in the same industry with the excellent quality of "environmental protection, safety, reliability, and advanced", and synchronize with international advanced technology.
The total mass of the XCMG QY70K car crane is 44800kg, and the maximum rated total weight is 70T.
XCMG QY50K-II car crane, the entire machine weighs 41000kg, the maximum rated total weight is 50T, the main arm rising height is 42.7m, the rotating speed is 2RPM, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 45L.
SCC3200A-1 is the newly developed 320-ton crane crane to reconstruct the business division according to market demand and comparison with competitive products. Significantly improved.
Sany Heavy Industry SCC2000A crane crane Maximum Rattering: 200T, maximum lifting torque: 1152T · m.
The SCC1000A-6 crawler crane is based on the SCC900A and SCC1000A export models. It is a high-cost product derived. It is widely used in building foundation, factory steel structure, subway steel cage, bridge hanging, pipeline lifting and other construction conditions.
Sany Reset the 2020 A6 series 85 -ton -level main sales ace model. The comprehensive performance of transportation performance, operating comfort, control, and rotation performance has been further improved.
Sany Heavy Industry is a well -known construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China. Its crane crane is a mechanical equipment for hanging and handling heavy objects.
XCMG QAY400's all -ground crane is the rated upper weight of XCMG's rated weight of more than 400T, and the rated total weight (T) of QAY400 is 400.
QY35K5 car starting machine wide -headed cab. Five -section of U -shaped cross -section main arm dual -cylinder variable dual -rolled dual -rolled dual -rolled manual machine manual mechanical control spacious and luxurious streamlined cab. The U -shaped armband system continues to optimize the cross -arm of the boom, fully releases the capacity of the board, and hangs more reliable and safer. The tight arm head expands the length of the boom, maximizes the scope of operation. The hydraulic pipe pipeline adopts high -precision cold -pulled steel pipe, which is closed with the card cover, which is beautiful and easy to maintain. Manipulating room.
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