We are a global manufacturer and dealer of industry-leading construction equipment, port and oil drilling machinery.

The customer approached our company by a friend and came to China to test the equipment in person. He was very satisfied with the equipment and signed the contract that night
Take customers to the site to drive the equipment and inspect the equipment
Bring clients to visit the office and talk about equipment
Welcome to visit and learn about our equipment
The company holds a lot of activities every year. Promote communication and exchanges between departments: Dinner provides employees with a good interactive platform, allowing them to communicate views and emotions in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, strengthen the relationship between departments, and improve work efficiency.
Since 2016, our company has been participating in the exhibition every year. Over these years, this exhibition has been an incredible platform for us to showcase our products and services, and we have received overwhelming support and interest from attendees.
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Under the direction of our long-term enterprise faith of  "Quality and Reputation come First ", we believe we can reach the win-win status with our clients.
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Contact person: Miya Miao

Mobile: +86 15026518796(Viber, whatsapp,wechat)

Email: Jasminemachinery@aliyun.com 

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