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Dump Truck

The dump truck consists of a hopper and a traveling chassis.  The hopper is installed on the front of the tire traveling chassis and can be tipped and discharged with the help of the gravity of the materials in the hopper or the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder.  According to different directions, discharge can be divided into forward turning discharge, rotary discharge, side turning discharge, high fulcrum discharge (the discharge height is fixed) and lifting and tilting discharge (the discharge height can be changed arbitrarily).The dump truck is a vehicle with a special tippable hopper that transports materials over short distances. A "bucket"-shaped container is installed on the body, which can be flipped over to facilitate unloading.  It is suitable for short-distance transportation of various bulk materials such as sand, earthwork, coal, ore, etc. It has strong power and usually has a mechanical bucket return function.

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