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The bulldozer is a construction vehicle. The Bulldozer bulldozer is a road machinery loaded in front of the tractor, which is used for landing, flat building venues, etc. For example, in the construction of road construction, the bulldozer can complete the processing of the subgrade substrate, and the road side is not more than 1 meter embankment in the road side. The road is transferred to the road, and the soil's roadbed is filled. The roadbed of the semi-soil semi-soil seminated half-crash. In addition, the bulldozer can also be used in flat venues, stacked loose materials, and clear obstacles in the operating area.The bulldozers are composed of torque converters, transmissions and other components, and are divided into crawler bulldozers, tire bulldozers, etc. Because they can independently complete the excavation, transportation and unloading of earth, they are flexible in operation, easy to rotate, require a small working surface,  Because of its fast driving speed, it is widely used in site cleaning or leveling, foundation pit backfilling and other operations.

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The Caterpillar D7R bulldozer has the advantages of strong power, strong stability, efficient construction capabilities, easy operation, convenient maintenance, high-quality manufacturing technology and reliability. It is an excellent tool widely used in earthwork projects.
The Caterpillar D7G bulldozer has the advantages of being powerful, reliable, durable and flexible, and is suitable for bulldozing, grading and excavation operations in various earthmoving and construction projects.
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