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Trench Cutter

Trench Cutter milling cement-soil mixing wall construction requires repeated drilling at the wall joints to ensure the continuity of the wall and the construction quality of the joints. The overlap of the Trench Cutter milling cement-soil mixing wall and the verticality of the construction equipment rely on repeated drilling. To ensure that the water stops. The construction sequence of Trench Cutter milling cement-soil mixing wall adopts two methods, the down-trough single-hole full set of repeated stirring type nested type, and the reciprocating double-hole full set of repeated stirring type standard type.TheTrench Cutter milling cement-soil mixing wall technology can be called milling deep mixing technology. This technology uses Trench Cutter rotating counter-mixing to cut the undisturbed soil at the construction site, and at the same time injects cement slurry and gas to form an equal-thickness cement-soil underground continuous wall, which is used for Water-stop curtains, retaining walls or stratum improvements have the advantages of strong stratum adaptability, fast construction speed, and high wall quality, and are especially suitable for use in complex strata.

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