ما یک تولید کننده و فروشنده جهانی تجهیزات ساختمانی پیشرو در صنعت، ماشین آلات حفاری بندر و نفت هستیم.

Company dinner


Stimulate employees' enthusiasm and creativity: Dinner provides employees with an opportunity to show themselves, allows employees to show talents and skills in a relaxed atmosphere, stimulate enthusiasm and creativity, and enhance self -confidence.
Company dinner 1
Enhance the company's cultural understanding: dinner is a cultural activity. Employees can better understand the company's culture, values ​​and team spirit, better integrate into the company's culture, and enhance cohesion.Company dinner 2
The company's dinner is not only a kind of employee benefits, but also an effective corporate culture construction activity. It has positive for improving the enthusiasm of employees 'work and team cohesion, enhancing the company's cultural understanding, enhancing employees' happiness, and promoting internal communication and communication of the enterprise. effect

Brazilian Construction Machinery Exhibition(M&T Expo 2024)
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